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We have a range of programs for Sec 3 and Sec 4 students aimed at improving your science grades.

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Dr Chung graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006, obtained his Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (GDFM) in 2010 and was just awarded the Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology (GDFP-Derm) in 2012.

During his undergraduate days, he was awarded the ​prestigious Olivero Memorial Gold Medal for being the the Top Student in Biochemistry. He was also awarded the Dean's list -an award given to the top 5% of the students in the cohort.​

Dr Chung was ​formally a student from Raffles Junior College and Raffles Institution where he scored perfect scores in the GCE 'O' (9 A1s) and 'A' level exams (4As, GP and Chinese A1, 2 'S' Paper Merit.

He has been teaching tuition ever since he graduated from junior college to fund his undergraduate medical education. Since he has the experience and all the valuable resources (e.g. exam papers, notes from top school etc), he does not want see them to waste, hence he has continued to commit himself to teaching even when he is practising Family Medicine.

Armed with more than ten years of teaching experience, he is passionate about helping students maximise their academic potential. Apart from his job in the Primary Care setting, he spends his free time coaching students. As a doctor, not only is he dedicated to his patients, he is also dedicated to his students, always motivating them to do well in their studies and giving academic & career advice to those who aspire to be a doctor like him. He serves as a lifelong mentor to students and he gets a great sense of satisfaction seeing his students do well and some of them becoming doctors.​​

To date, 3 of his former students have since graduated from medical school and are now his colleagues.​

He is happily married to his wife Sharon, an NUS First Class Honors graduate in Life Science (Biomedical concentration), who specializes in 'O' Level Biology Tuition (




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Updated on 30 Oct 2013:

**NEW** Foundation Booster Course

For Sec 3 students going to Sec 4 in 2014!

This 8-lesson course is to prepare current sec 3 students for Sec 4 in 2014. It will help strengthen students' foundation in the sec 3 topics and will help prepare them for more difficult topics to come in Sec 4. Dr Chung will cover ALL the sec 3 topics in detail and also to go through key application strategies to tackle challenging questions.

Topics covered:-

1. Experimental Chemistry
2. Particulate Nature of Matter
3. Atomic Structure
4. Bonding and Structure of Matter
5. Stoichiometry and The Mole Concept
6. Qualitative Analysis
7. Identifications of Ions and Gases
8. The Periodic Table
9. Metals
10. Atmosphere and Environment

* Sec 3 Revision Pack

**1st Intake**

Dates: 19 Nov till 1 Dec 2013

19 Nov (Tue) 530-730pm
21 Nov (Thu) 530-730pm
23 Nov (Sat) 530-730pm
24 Nov (Sun) 530-730pm
26 Nov (Tue) 530-730pm
28 Nov (Thu) 530-730pm
30 Nov (Sat) 530-730pm
1 Dec (Sun) 530-730pm


**2nd Intake**

Date: 3 - 15 Dec 2013

3 Dec (Tue) 530-730pm
5 Dec (Thu) 530-730pm
7 Dec (Sat) 530-730pm
8 Dec (Sun) 1-3pm
10 Dec (Tue) 530-730pm
12 Dec (Thu) 530-730pm
14 Dec (Sat) 530-730pm
15 Dec (Sun) 530-730pm


**3rd Intake**

Date: 17 - 29 Dec 2013

17 Dec (Tue) 530-730pm
19 Dec (Thu) 530-730pm
21 Dec (Sat) 530-730pm
22 Dec (Sun) 530-730pm
24 Dec (Tue) 530-730pm
26 Dec (Thu) 530-730pm
28 Dec (Sat) 530-730pm
29 Dec (Sun) 530-730pm

Venue: Novena@Goldhill Plaza (Beside United Square & Novena MRT)

 $720 for 8 Lessons
Study materials, Free flow drinks & refreshments included


Refer to for Foundation Booster Course for Biology & Physics!

Students who attend the course for 2 subjects will get a 5% discount!

Students who attend the course for 3 subjects will get a 10% discount!

Students who join any of our Foundation Booster Course & continue with us for our regular classes in January 2014 will get a FREE!! $20 POPULAR VOUCHER :)

Scroll below for schedule and timings for Jan 2014 regular tuition classes!

Regular Chemistry Tuition Program 2014

Fees $720 for 8 lesson cycle
Study materials, Free flow drinks, refreshments included

Students can choose either one of the weekly time slots below:-









Sec 4 @Novena

11 Jan 2014






Sec 4

12 Jan 2014



Sec 4 @Novena

9 Jan 2014



730pm- 930pm

Sec 3 @Novena

7 Jan 2013




A1 Tuition Hub LLP, 1 Goldhill Plaza, #03-23, Singapore 308899 (Novena)

To sign up or if there are any enquiries, contact:-
Dr Chung ( Chem/ Phy Tutor) at 9362 3809 by call/ SMS/ Whatsapp

Refer to for regular tuition classes for Biology & Physics!

Students who attend regular tuition classes for 2 subjects will get a 5% discount!

Students who attend regular tuition classes for 3 subjects will get a 10% discount!

Get A1 for Chemistry
O Level MCQ Mastery Workshop

Date: 10 Nov 2013, Sunday, 2pm- 7pm

Location: Condo @ Ulu Pandan

Purpose: Preparing students for Chemistry MCQ paper 1 on
12 Nov 2013 (Tue)

About the revision class:

Students will be getting the following materials: -

  • Get A1 for Chemistry MCQ Knowledge pack: This is a must study booklet to score for MCQ exam. Dr Chung highlights important facts not found in textbook which students must know before stepping into exam hall.
  • Tips in scoring for Chem MCQs  which is not available in bookstores or in schools
  • Challenging MCQ organised by topics specially selected by Dr Chung. These questions are are must-do MCQ questions which are commonly tested in the O level
  • Doing a challenging full length MCQ paper in a timed environment
  • Reviewing & analysing answers and learning from common mistakes


  • $275 nett for 5hrs


    Study materials, Free flow drinks, refreshments & free high tea included!

Registration: SMS or call Dr Chung to confirm a seat for the Chemistry MCQ Workshop! Feel free to contact him for any questions/ clarifications.

**Refer to for details on Biology and Chemistry MCQ workshop. If attend 2 or more workshops, a $20 discount will be given!**

**If recommend a friend to join the workshop, a $20 cash token would be given directly to the student (the one who recommends) as a referral fee!!!**

**Seats are limited (only 10 students per time slot). Please contact Dr Chung by SMS to confirm registration!**

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