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Dr Chung


Bachelor of Medicine,Bachelor of Surgery. MBBS. (NUS, Singapore)

Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine (S'pore)

Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology

Perfect Scores at A Level (4As in Triple Science - Biology, Chemistry and Physics, GP and Chinese A1)

9A1s at O Level

Raffles Junior College and Raffles Institution Alumni

Chemistry Tuition Singapore


O Level Chemistry MCQ Workshop 2014

Date: 8 Nov 2014

Time: 10am - 5pm (12-1pm Lunch Break)

Venue: Park Mall Level 13 Unit 14 (#13-14), (Nearest MRT Dolby Ghaut)

Fee: $270


Why join this Workshop?

  • The Chemistry MCQ Paper is important as it makes up 30% of the Chemistry O Level Exam grade.

  • Doing exceptionally well for this paper can potentially improve your Chemistry Grades by 1 or 2 Grades.

What will you learn at Workshop?

  • Strategies to complete the MCQ Paper on time

  • Effective method of choosing not only the correct answer but the best answer.

  • Facts that the textbook doesn't tell you but are tested in the MCQ Exam.

  • Common mistakes that students make so that you can avoid making them in the exam

What are the other features of the Workshop?

  • Revision of all important facts needed for MCQ exam using MCQ Concept Notes

  • Practising specially selected challenging and tricky MCQ questions

  • Completing a Full Length Mock MCQ Exam to apply the skills and facts learnt in this workshop

  • Immediate review and discussion of answers

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The Ultimate O and A Level Chemistry Revision Program


Welcome to

At, we provide "Singapore's Most Comprehensive Chemistry Tuition Program" specially designed by Dr Chung aimed at Improving your Chemistry Grades in the shortest possible time.

Who should attend this course?

Sec 3 to JC 2 Students

Features of this Programme:

  • Up your Chemistry Grades in the Shortest Possible Time
  • Gain the Motivation to excel in Chemistry
  • Each student will have in his hand Chemistry Concept Notes – Powerful summarised notes with all the knowledge that you need to ACE the Chemistry Exams
  • Empower yourself with Study Skills to help make learning Chemistry a breeze
  • Master Exam Taking Strategies – Know exactly what to do the night before the exams and keep yourself mentally prepared for the exams
  • Score 100% in MCQ by practising on commonly tested and challenging questions distilled from the GCE O and A Level Exams as well as from TOP School Prelim Papers
  • Perfect your Answering Strategy in our Mastery Workshops
  • Practise makes Perfect! We provide you with the chance to Practise the Exam under strict exam conditions and timings.  - What is better than practising under exam conditions itself ? You will gain experience and confidence in taking exams
  • Follow up action. We can help you progress all the way to the exam date itself. Join Dr Chung’s regular class at a preferred rate!
  • Bonus No. 1! Totally Free of Charge - Exam Paper Review. Bring along your latest paper and Dr Chung will analyse it for you and identify all your strengths and weaknesses. Each student will receive a personalised Exam Paper Review +
  • Bonus No. 2! Totally Free of Charge E Tuition Service via SMS/ Whatsapp to Dr Chung. Dr Chung will be around 24 hours to answer your doubts on Chemistry

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To sign up, Call or SMS Dr Chung at 9362 3809 today! is Number 1 on Google Search Engines.


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